8 May, 2014 06:53:57

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It has been too long. I've been separated from my husband for more than one year. Why is he taking his time? Why does he want to make it hard? I know he does not want "us" to work out because if he did he would have gone to marriage counseling with me like I asked him to. Is he just so angry he is trying to get me back by prolonging the divorce? This is just unbelievable! I have gone on with my life, why can't he?

I know that God is in control, he promises all things will work out according to His will. If God is with me who can be against me? No one!! I just want this over though. Spring is finally here and I can not wait to get out on that river and go on some float trips and camping! It's going to be such a great summer no matter if the divorce is finalized or not.. I really believe he is prolonging the divorce because it is a control thing. He always had to be in control of everything.

This was my vent for the day